Ports using Python

Python prefix

Python ports are supposed to be prefixed with py-, and the binary packages have the Python version in the prefix as well, like py27-.

This is accomplished by setting PKGNAMEPREFIX in the following way, using security/py-onetime's Makefile as an example:

PORTNAME=       onetime
CATEGORIES=     security
MASTER_SITES=   http://www.red-bean.com/onetime/

This will result in the following pkg:

root@dozer /# pkg info py27-onetime
Name           : py27-onetime
Version        : 1.81
Installed on   : Sat Sep  2 22:43:01 2017 CEST
Origin         : security/py-onetime

Note that the port's directory shall have the py-, the PORTNAME shall not be prefixed (this is taken care of by PKGNAMEPREFIX), and the resulting packages will be prefixed with pyXX- where XX is the Python version.